Cranberry Juice extracts with Vitamin C


  • For the prevention of recurrent UTIs particularly in women
  • For the reduction of UTI related symptoms like burning sensation and pain
  • For the maintenance of healthy urinary tract in a natural way &
  • For symptoms associated with neurogenic bladder like urinary incontinence.

3D Stabicran Pack


One sachet of Stabicran 250 dissolved in a glass of water (appx.250 ml) once or twice daily or as prescribed by the physician.

Side effects:

Extremely large doses can produce G.I symptoms like diarrhea.


In patients taking warfarin, drinking cranberry juice may increase the risk of severe bleeding, including hemorrhage. Because warfarin has a narrow therapeutic index, patients taking warfarin should either limit or avoid ingestion of cranberry juice extract.


Those prone to kidney stones should consult their health care provider before taking a cranberry product.


As 10×1 sachets of approx. 7.0gm each in a box.


This product is manufactured with natural ingredients, hence exempted from registration under

Section 3(g) of the Drug Act.1976.