Hacksol™ Cough Syrup


Hacksol cough syrup is mint flavoured cough syrup which contains extracts of natural herbs and has been developed for supporting and restoring normal respiratory functions. 3D Hacksol Pack (Large) Hacksol Syrup relieves chest congestion, soothes the mucus membrane of bronchial walls and restores normal breathing.

Warnings & Precautions:

Hacksol Syrup contains natural herbs which are considered to be safe. However if there is fructose intolerance, treatment should be taken during pregnancy and lactation after consultation with health professional.

Side effects:

Ingredients in Hacksol Syrup are normally well tolerated in both adults and children when given in recommended dosage. In rare cases there may be mild laxative effects.


No adverse effects have been reported regarding simultaneous use of Hacksol Syrup and other medications.

Dosage & Administration:

  • Children below 5 years: 2.5ml three times a day
  • Children 5-12 years: 5ml three times a day
  • Adults: 10ml three times a day
  • Treatment duration depends upon type and severity of symptoms. Ideally it should last for at least one week and should be maintained for next 2-3 days after the symptoms have alleviated. In case, symptoms persist, a health professional must be consulted.


120ml syrup in glass bottle.